Polish passport

Polish passport is an official document which entitles its holder to cross borders, stay abroad. It proves Polish citizenship as well as the identity of its owner. A Polish passport automatically confirms EU citizenship.

Persons of Polish origin can apply for a Polish passport after receiving their Polish citizenship certification. An application for a new passport must be submitted in person, because of the need to scan fingerprints. Persons permanently residing in Poland file the application with the provincial office, while persons residing abroad file the application with a Polish consulate. The passport is valid for ten years from the day it was released (for adults and children over 13). In case of children under 13, the passport is valid for five years.

When applying for a Polish passport, the following documents are required:

  • PESEL number (special identification number)
  • recently expired Polish passport
  • two photos (passport size)
  • documents proving personal information (Polish birth and marriage certificate even if born/married outside of Poland).

If a person does not have a Polish passport, one of the following documents should be filed:

  • Polish ID
  • confirmation of Polish citizenship issued by the provincial governor in Poland, or
  • President's decision of granting Polish citizenship.

If a person does not have a PESEL number, which is necessary while applying for a Polish passport, he/she can obtain it by submitting: an application form, a Polish birth certificate, and a Polish marriage certificate (for persons who changed name after marriage).

If a person does not have Polish citizenship certification, he/she cannot apply for a Polish passport; therefore, it is important to make sure to obtain it from a consulate before applying for a Polish passport.

What is the waiting time for a Polish passport?

On average, it takes one month to obtain a Polish passport when applying in Poland. However, it can take up even six months when applying from abroad. In such cases, it is possible to obtain a temporary passport while waiting for a full passport to be issued by a Polish consulate. Passports are printed in Poland, regardless of the place of residence of the applicant.