Confirmation of Polish citizenship

Persons who do not have valid documents confirming their Polish citizenship (Polish passport/ID) or whose personal data and citizenship cannot be proved may apply for confirmation of Polish citizenship. The decision on the confirmation of Polish citizenship is issued by a provincial governor. An applicant living outside Poland may submit a request through a Polish consul, within the proper consular district.

Application should be in Polish, dated and signed. Original documents should be certified by a consul. Foreign documents should be translated into Polish and the translation certified by a consul.

The following documents have to be submitted:

  • application to the provincial governor for the confirmation of Polish citizenship containing:
    • personal data,
    • details of first and second generation ancestors,
    • any information necessary to establish the factual and legal status;
  • documents confirming the information included in the application (in some cases it may be essential to confirm the citizenship of a deceased parent to prove that the applicant's parent was a Polish citizen on the date of the applicant's birth), e.g.:
    • applicant's birth certificate with his/her parents' names,
    • applicant's marriage certificate or other marital status certificates,
    • previous Polish passports held by the applicant,
    • military documents held by the applicant or his/her ancestors,
    • marriage certificate of the applicant's parents,
    • documents confirming Polish citizenship of the applicant's parents or grandparents,
    • name and address of a person in Poland, authorized by the applicant to receive official correspondence.