Application for Polish Citizenship

Polish citizenship is granted by the President of the Republic of Poland. Under Article 18 of the Act on Polish Citizenship the President of the Republic of Poland may grant Polish citizenship to a foreigner, regardless of how long he/she has stayed in Poland. Persons who never possessed Polish citizenship may request to be granted Polish citizenship by the Polish President.

The application for granting Polish citizenship should be submitted through a provincial governor competent for the place of residence of the applicant (if the applicant lives in Poland) or through a competent consul (if the applicant lives abroad). The application is addressed to the President of the Republic of Poland.

The application should be filed on the official form, dated and signed. The application form should be submitted personally or by post with officially certified signature. All documents issued in a foreign language should be submitted along with their translation into Polish, made by a sworn translator or a consul of the Republic of Poland.

The following documents should be attached to the application:

  • certified copy of a valid document proving the applicant's identity and citizenship (a passport or - in the absence of a passport - a relevant travel document)
  • CV written in Polish and signed personally by the applicant
  • current passport photograph
  • officially certified copy of a permanent residence permit or a permit for temporary residence in the Polish territory if the applicant was granted one
  • any documents proving the data provided in the application form, such as:
    • applicant's marriage certificate or other document confirming his/her civil status
    • documents stating identity and citizenship of the spouse
    • documents stating identity and citizenship of minor children included in the application
    • documents confirming Polish citizenship of ancestors or descendants.