Foreigners in Poland

Legalizing the stay in Poland

Foreigners - important information regarding the legalization of stay in Poland

The requirements that must be met by a foreigner to legalize his/her stay in the Polish territory differ depending on whether a foreigner is an EU citizen or a non-EU citizen. Obviously, the rules are less strict for the foreigners who are citizens of the European Union Member States.

The foreigners coming to Poland may stay in the Polish territory for up to 3 months without the necessity to fulfill additional conditions of stay.

The foreigners who want to stay in the Polish territory for a period longer than 3 months, should legalize their stay in a form of permit for residence for fixed period of time. Typical cases that justify obtaining such a permit include:

  • employment
  • marriage with a Polish citizen
  • conducting business activity
  • starting or continuation of studies, etc.

The residence permit for a fixed period of time is issued for the period to two years. After obtaining the above-mentioned permit, the foreigner is granted a residence card.