Foreigners in Poland

EU Blue Card: a new work permit for highly qualified foreign professionals

As of 12 June 2012 new rules for employing highly-skilled foreigners were introduced.

The Act of 27 April 2012, amending the Foreigners Act and the Act on Promotion of Employment and Labor Market Institutions came into effect. The amendment facilitates the way of obtaining residence and employment in Poland to foreigners who are highly skilled.

Great changes with respect to residence permits for foreigners working in Poland have been introduced. These changes apply only to the foreigners with high professional qualifications. Foreign highly qualified professionals can regulate their legal status in Poland under a new legal option the EU Blue Card. Now, the formalities for foreigners seeking a permit to reside in Poland for a definite period in order to perform highly qualified employment will be limited to a single administrative procedure.

Who is eligible for the EU Blue Card?

In order to apply for the EU Blue Card, an applicant must provide:

  • professional level qualifications
  • work contract or binding job offer from an EU employer with a salary of at least 1.5 times the average gross salary
  • sickness insurance
  • valid travel dokument.